This pre-Legislative Day 2020 Webinar covers how to engage elected officials virtually, not only on Legislative Day but during the entire year.

This webinar includes:

  • Legislative Spotlights:
    • Kimberly Chen, Principal Consultant of the Senate Health Committee and
    • Alan Moore, Legislative Aide to Senator Holly Mitchell
  • Social Media 101
  • 2020 HCC Legislative Priorities

Please see the mini videos below for some quick tips on virtual advocacy.  Slides and full webinar segment videos are also available.

Clip: The Value of Virtual Advocacy

Webinar Clip: The Value of Virtual Advocacy

Webinar Clip: Meeting with Your Legislator


Part 1: Social Media 101

Part 2: Legislative Spotlight-Kimberly Chen

Part 3: Legislative Spotlight-Alan Moore


Part 4: 2020 HCC Legislative Priorities