Do you ever wonder how to get your health insurance to work better for you?  Does the way your health plan operates ever seem like a mystery?

In this webinar video from March 2022, you get to look behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain to see how insurance companies actually operate.  We walk you through a typical year in a person’s interactions with their insurer, and you see how managed care and cost containment by insurance companies plays out day to day when you access your healthcare.  Our speaker Elizabeth Stoltz leaves you with a better understanding of how health insurance functions and the ways you can work with your insurer so you have a partner in your health care.

Webinar video- A&A

Understanding Your Health Insurance Q&A

Webinar video-Segment 3

Part 3: Pulling Back the Curtain on the Benefits of Knowing Your Network

Webinar video-segment 2

Part 2; Pulling Back the Curtain on How Insurance Companies Stay in Business

Webinar video segment 1

Part 1: Jargon and How Insurance Works

Understanding Your Health Insurance slide deck