Does health insurance seem like it is written in a different language?  Do you have questions about what all the terms mean in your insurance policy? 

Watch this webinar for tips on what to look for when choosing a new policy or having difficulty with an existing policy.

Our speaker is Michelle Rice, the former Chief External Affairs Officer with the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF).  She helps viewers know the terms that you’ll see in your health insurance policy. Think of this webinar as a short health insurance dictionary so you better understand what your insurance covers.

Click to view the slides and videos below-



Webinar Clip: Why Maximum Out-of-Pocket Matters

Part 5

Part 5: Roadmap to the Right Plan for You & Who to Call for Help

Part 4

Part 4: “Is It Right for ME?” Tips

Part 3

Part 3: Benefits and Pitfalls of Self-insured, Marketplace and ‘Skinny’ Plans

Video Pt 2

Part 2: What Is the Difference Between Private Plan Types?

Video Pt 1

Part 1: Why Understand Health Insurance- What Are My Options?