Have you been wondering what role a PBM plays in your care?  In this 40-minute HCC Health Access Webinar, we give you an overview of PBMs and health plans’ pharmacy benefits, discuss how PBMs manage drugs and specialty drugs differently, and review current trends in drug management.  You also hear more about major players and the future of the PBM industry. Our speaker, HCC Board President Michael Bradley, leaves you with an understanding of the potential impacts of PBMs on the bleeding disorders community and gives you some insight on what you need to know as an informed consumer.  We finish with a 10-minute Q&A.  We hope you enjoy this informative webinar!

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:

  • Difference between drugs and specialty drugs
  • Current trends in drug management
  • A PBM industry overview / major players review
  • Potential impact on the bleeding disorders community
  • Future of the PBM industry
  • How to be an informed consumer and what you need to know

Please see below the slides from the webinar and the video series.

Part 1: What is a PBM?

Part 2: How are PBMs evolving?


Part 3: What does a PBM mean for patients?