This webinar focuses on navigating the GHPP system as well as changes and tips you need to know about to get the most out of your care.  Our speakers, Willie Anderson and Barbara Sasaki, cover eligibility, interaction with other insurance, interaction with Medi-Cal, utilizing care, and patient and provider responsibilities.

You’ll get answers to questions such as:

  • How does GHPP work with other coverage?
  • When can a person use a manufacturer copay card if they have GHPP?
  • Can a person get third party financial assistance to cover the yearly enrollment fee for GHPP?
  • If a person with GHPP coverage goes to school out of state, can he/she retain and use GHPP?

Don’t miss out on important information about your coverage!  You can view the presentation slides here in English and Español. 

GHPP Slideshow

Las diapositivas de GHPP

Este seminario se enfoca en como navegar el sistema GHPP tanto como los cambios y los consejos que se necesitan para aprovechar la asistencia médica de GHPP.