Perhaps you are approaching retirement age, and find yourself asking- What exactly is Medicare? Do I even need it? 

Find answers to your questions about:

  • the four different parts of Medicare (A, B, C & D)
  • the difference between a Medicare Advantage plan and a Medigap plan
  • premiums associated with coverage
  • where to find unbiased advice on choosing a plan
  • Medicare coverage for clotting factor
  • Medicare payment policy in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs)

You will walk away knowing how to access the resources you need to make the best plan choices for yourself.

Our presenters Marla Feinstein, Senior Policy & Healthcare Analyst at NHF, and longtime advocate Randy Curtis, MBA provide you with important details about Medicare during this key webinar.

Medicare webinar Q&A

Webinar video: Medicare Example Q&A

Webinar video presentation

Webinar Video: Navigating Your Care and Treatment- a Medicare Example 

Fact sheet

Fact sheet for Medicare Open Enrollment 2021






Webinar Segment Videos:

Part 1 video- What is Medicare?

Part 1: What IS Medicare?

Part 2 video

Part 2: Parts of Medicare & the Options

Part 3 video

Part 3: Medicare Gaps and Medigap Coverage

Part 4

Part 4: Benefits & Costs of Medicare Advantage Plans

Part 5 video

Part 5: Medicare Enrollment & Assistance- Options & Resources

Part 6 video

Part 6: A Patient Perspective of Medicare with Randy Curtis