Clip: Tips for Searching a Health Plan for What You Need

Webinar Video Clip: Tips for Searching a Health Plan for What You Need


Perhaps it’s your first time picking out an insurance policy!   Do you have choices? How do you choose the right insurance plan for YOU? 

Watch our webinar to find out which questions to ask when choosing insurance! You’ll hear about both public and private pay options, how your employer plays a role in your choices, and more.

Our speakers will guide you through a list of questions you should ask yourself before deciding on a plan.  Some key questions include:

  • Are the doctors and local hospitals that I and my family need included in this plan?
  • Are the key medications for my family covered? 
  •  What type of insurance is available to me and my family?
  •  What are my immediate and total costs going to be? 
  •  Who can I go to for more help?

Whether you are choosing a new plan or approaching a plan renewal during open enrollment, you will find the questions you need in this interactive webinar to help you prepare!

This is the part of the webinar series Your Insurance, But Less Complex”. 

One sheet: 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Health Plan with Links

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Health Plan One Sheet-with links to the video


Video Chapters Below-

0:00 Intro
1:10 What is My Patient Rights?
2:09 Questions to Ask: What is your current health plan?
2:31 Questions to Ask: Have you used your plan and is it working?
3:21 Commercial Health Plan Examples
3:34 Questions to Ask: What has changed this year when choosing a plan?
4:41 Where to find info about health plan options
7:05 Types of health plans: HMOs, PPOs, Point of Service (POS), High Deductible Health Plan (HDHPs)
9:56 Questions to Ask: Are your doctors, hospital & HTC covered on this health plan network?
13:30 Questions to Ask: Are the important medications for me and my family covered affordably?
16:26 Questions to Ask: What are the total costs? Premiums, Deductibles, Coinsurance and Copays
18:49 Copay accumulator adjustors and their effect on your health plan’s affordability
20:32 Public Pay Options: Medi-Cal, GHPP & CCS coverage options in California
22:24 Secondary Insurance & COBRA- health insurance option when you lose your job
24:16 Where to go for help choosing a plan or appealing a decision or bill?
28:58 Q&A