Are you struggling to pay for your health care? Are there other options that might provide better health coverage?

You may have choices for your health insurance that are paid or partially-paid by the government.  Public pay insurance can be linked to your income, your bleeding disorder, or your age.  But with a variety of public insurance options like Medi-Cal, GHPP and Medicare for adults, it can get complicated fast.  What are the eligibility rules? And what does each type cover? 

Perhaps you have Medi-Cal or GHPP already.  Can you have more than one type? As a matter of fact, yes!  But how do these different forms of insurance interact with each other?

In the webinar video below, our speaker Mosi Williams, PsyD is a licensed clinical social worker at the UCSF Adult HTC. Mosi covers the basics of Medi-Cal, GHPP and Medicare.  You’ll find out which of these insurance types pay first if you have more than one and how they interact with patients.  Hear more about the NEW Medi-Cal expansion- starting January 1, 2024!- for everyone, including ages 26 – 49!  This expansion includes ALL California residents regardless of immigration status, too. 

Interested in learning more?  Check out the webinar video and slides below!


0:00 Intro
1:31 Speaker introduction
Insurance options for Adults: Medi-Cal, GHPP & Medicare
Medi-Cal application requirements & how to apply
7:06 Medi-Cal Fee for Service vs. Managed Care
GHPP (Genetically Handicapped Persons Program) eligibility & how to apply or renew
16:28 What GHPP covers
20:01 GHPP-only vs. GHPP + Medi-Cal- How it is different and associated challenges
Medicare – What it is, who qualifies, and the four parts (A, B, C & D)
22:17 Medicare’s 4 parts in more detail (Part A, Part B, Part C & Part D)
24:20 How do Medi-Cal, GHPP & Medicare work together?
24:59 Do any of Medi-Cal, GHPP or Medicare provide out-of-state coverage if you are traveling?
26:57 Additional GHPP questions
29:10 Tips for what to do when getting public insurance like GHPP
32:13 Where to go for more help
32:53 Additional Resources on Medi-Cal, GHPP & Medicare
33:34 Q&A