As young people grow up they face many changes, but those with bleeding disorders or other rare diseases can face particular challenges accessing health care. What happens if you go away to college or leave for a job? If you used CCS, are you no longer eligible when you turn 21? And at age 26 you can no longer be on your parent’s health insurance. Hear some of HCC’s Advocacy and Access Ambassadors who are in the midst of some of these life transitions themselves to have a virtual chat about all of this and more!

This is the part of the webinar series “Your Insurance, But Less Complex”.


0:00 Intro
Introducing our speakers- two young people in their 20s- Carson Knight and Leslie Guevara
6:13 Concerns about health insurance from Carson & Leslie, both in their 20s living with bleeding disorders
14:47 Carson stresses the importance of making sure your plan covers the providers and medications you need, such as clotting factor.
15:36 CCS eligibility ending at 21 and what comes next?
16:04 ACA protections for dependent children end at age 26- What are your options for getting your own insurance plan?
Tips to follow when transitioning insurance in your 20s
25:34 Are the doctors and hospitals I need covered on this plan?
27:43 Are the medications important to me covered? How much do they cost?
29:59 Where can people in their 20s go for more help with this insurance transition?
30:40 What happens if you have a problem accessing care?
Additional resources to help young people during their health insurance transition.
33:06 Q&A