Do you need help covering your health care costs?  GHPP is California’s Genetically Handicapped Persons Program, a State health care program that helps people with genetic disorders- like hemophilia- to afford their health care. Do you have questions about how to navigate the GHPP application or renewal system?

You will receive tips on how to navigate the GHPP application and yearly renewals system.  Our speakers Terri Cowger Hill and Rigo Manzo discuss:

  • +what information you will need to include
  • +how to access the application
  • +how to submit your documents
  • +expected timelines, and
  • +where to reach out for help with process


Please see the webinar slides, videos and FAQ below. 


Part 1: How to Apply or Renew Your Application


Part 2: Tips and Where to Go for Help with Your Application

Part 3: Q&A