Many types of insurance have an annual “open enrollment” period, if you have private insurance through your employer, a plan through Covered California or a Medicaid supplement you will have an annual open enrollment period.  It is critically important that you know when your open enrollment takes place and that you know how to choose the best plan for you and your family. 

In this webinar video, our speaker Kassy Perry, CEO of Perry Communications Group, will guide you through the terms you need to know and what to watch out for when you are choosing health insurance.  Visit the resource links to the California Chronic Care Coalition’s My Patient Rights to learn more about how to  compare plans and make the right health insurance choice for you.  Then view the video series to find tips for your particular insurance plan needs-



Choose Smart! (Part 1): Quick Insurance Terminology and Checklist for Choosing a Plan

video clip

Webinar Clip: What is a Deductible?

Video- Covered CA

Choose Smart! (Part 2): Covered California Plans & Patient Resources

video- Medi-Cal & Medicare

Choose Smart! (Part 2): Medi-Cal & Medicare Coverage Plans


Choose Smart! (Part 3): MyPatient Rights Resources for Choosing Your Insurance