Hemophilia CANEXTions

What is Hemophilia CANEXTions?

Hemophilia CANEXTions, a Novel Therapy Access Conference, will focus on the future novel therapies for hemophilia and provide a space for dialogue around access to care and treatment.

This event will bring key stakeholders together for one day of dynamic, interactive presentations and discussions on policy, politics and political economy as it relates to novel therapies for hemophilia and access to care. It will inform key stakeholders—including policy makers, public and private health payers, health systems, clinicians, and advocates from the patient community—about the impact of novel therapies for hemophilia such as gene therapy and other non-factor therapies on the system of care. The goals of this event are to educate stakeholders both from a clinical and financial perspective, spark dialog about implications for California’s health care system, and define gaps in access to care.

Date:      Tuesday, November 5th
Time:      8:30 – 9:30 am Networking Breakfast; 9:30  – 3:45 pm Conference
Location:   Center for Healthy Communities, 1414 K St., Sacramento, CA


Nov 05 2019


8:30 am - 3:45 pm


Legislators and Public Employees: FREE; EARLY BIRD: $150 for Health Insurance, Hospital Systems, Clinicians; $950 for Pharmacies, Manufacturers, and Novel Therapy Innovators


California Endowment Center for Healthy Communities
1414 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814


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