Virtual Future Leaders Program – 1st Webinar

The Future Leader webinar series will include three 60-minute webinars focused on advocacy and “telling your story.”

This first webinar will include 30 minutes of presentation with a 5-10-minute interview of an interesting person in the bleeding disorders community or a how to video on a quick skill with about 20 minutes for an interactive activity.  Quick online quiz questions (such as Kahoot), scavenger hunts or other interactive games will be peppered throughout the webinars, as well.  All teens will have the opportunity to contribute during each webinar.

Teens will be encouraged to responsibly interact and share their input during the webinars.  Between webinar sessions, Future Leaders will be asked to prepare some small assignment to have a jumpstart for the following week’s material.  Prior to the webinar series, each Future Leader will receive a box of supplies – such as a red tie- that will enhance the program.


Jun 02 2020


11:00 am - 12:00 pm