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2022 Virtual Legislative Day 


Legislative Day 2022

What:  This important day of advocacy provides a chance for individuals, families and allies of the bleeding disorders community to come together and share a united voice. Attendees will speak with key Senators and Assemblymembers and their staff to bring awareness to bleeding disorders and the issues facing the bleeding disorders community.

May 18 (6 – 7:30 PM) “Legislative Day 2022: Taking It to the Screens”, a 90-minute pre-Legislative Day virtual training session which will include an opportunity to meet and practice with your Legislative Day Team during a 45-minute Team Practice Session 

-May 20 – Virtual Legislative Day Virtual legislative visits with a legislator or staff (9 AM – 3 PM.) Most teams will have three to five 15-30 minute meetings during this window of time.

Where: Virtual event through webinars and online meetings.


  • “Legislative Day 2022: Taking It to the Screens” is a pre-virtual Legislative Day webinar (approx. 45 min.) that will prepare you for your meetings with elected officials.
  • Registered participants (final day to register is April 15) will be assigned to geographically-aligned teams.  Each team will have a designated leader to coordinate the members during the Practice Session and on the meeting day.  
  • Team Practice Session is 45 minutes for team members to meet each other before Legislative Day.  Teams will run through the order of who will say what during office visits on Legislative Day. 
  • Legislative Day will include several virtual legislative visits with a legislator or staff. 

Virtual Legislative Day Email and Social Media Campaign: 
Unable to take time off on Legislative Day to go on virtual office visits?  There are still ways you can participate!  Using HCC’s Virtual Legislative Day email and social media templates, as well as our Phone2Action links, you can create messages to send to your legislators or post on their social media channels on May 20th.  By flooding legislators’ social media channels and email inboxes with issues that matter to the bleeding disorders community, you can make a big difference!  Watch this page for more updates in May 2022.

Questions about the program? Email apalladino@hemophiliaca.org 

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