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Become a champion for your community through the Future Leaders program!

On July 7th HCC completed an amazing two days in Sacramento with 10 Future Leaders who were able to attend our in-person event. GutMonkey did an amazing job facilitating, we visited the State Capitol and legislative offices and it was so gratifying to see the teens interacting in person again. We’re looking forward to planning Future Leaders and Legislative Day 2023 with high hopes that it will be fully in-person.

Future Leaders Photos (Day 1)

On our first day, you can find photos of our Future Leaders during group activities and getting to know one another!

Future Leaders Photos (Day 2)

On Day 2, we toured the Capitol, visited the new legislative office building, and talked about what leadership means.  Congratulations to all of our 2022 Future Leaders!


Future Leaders program

What:  The Hemophilia Council of California’s (HCC’s) Future Leaders Program provides leadership training and advocacy tools for teens affected by bleeding disorders. Leading up to Legislative Day, they find out more about their role in the government process.  Future Leaders also learn how to be effective advocates for themselves and their families by telling their stories.

Future Leaders connect with their peers and have fun!  This year’s program is presented in collaboration with Gut Monkey.  Young Future Leader advocates learn to tell their stories, and they find inspiration to share their voice where it matters most. 

During Legislative Day, they meet with their legislators (or legislative staff) via Zoom.  After Legislative Day, Future Leaders will attend a summer, in person overnight program where they find out how to leverage their new advocacy skills in their daily lives, whether at school, the doctor’s office or on the phone with an insurer.

 – When:

    • Future Leaders Program Webinars (Virtual) (4/19 & 4/26) @ 7 – 9:00 PM
    • Pre-Legislative Day Webinar & Team Meetings (May 18) @ 6 – 7:30 PM
    • Virtual Legislative Day (May 20): Teens will be sorted into groups based on their geographic area and scheduled for meetings (online) with their legislator or his/her staff. Meetings will be between 9 AM and 3 PM. Most groups will have three to five 15-30 minute meetings.
    • Post-Legislative Day Future Leaders Event (in person) – Summer, Date TBD

– Requirements to Apply: 

  • You must be a high school student at the time of the program.
  • You must have a bleeding disorder or be a sibling or child of a person with a bleeding disorder.
  • You must be able to commit to participating in all parts of the program.

Applications open now closed.

2019 Future Leaders

– Where: Online via Zoom and in person, location TBD (subject to change based on public health & safety)

 – How:

  • Future Leaders Webinar Series Each 2 hour webinar prior to Legislative Day will prepare Future Leaders with advocacy skills training such as telling your story and understanding the advocacy issues we are raising with the legislators and our proposed solutions.
  • Pre-Legislative Day Webinar For all Legislative Day attendees to prepare them on the issues.
  • Virtual Legislative Day We will put registered participants into geographically-aligned groups and commit to get each participant several virtual visits with a legislator or staff.  The Pre-Legislative Day May webinar will be mandatory for Legislative Day participants and will prepare everyone for their meetings.  After the webinar, Legislative Day participants will be divided into their teams for 45 minutes so they can meet one another and practice who will say what during their meetings.  On Friday, May 20 the meetings with legislators and/or staff will take place virtually via Zoom.  Phone2Action and social media will also be utilized to promote our key issues during that week.
  • Post-Legislative Day In Person Event Future Leaders will meet for a summer in person program with overnight stay.  Programming will include discussion of their advocacy experience and practice leveraging their new advocacy skills in their daily lives, whether at school, the doctor’s office, or on the phone with an insurer.

    Teens will be encouraged to responsibly interact and share their input during the webinars.

    Prior to the webinar series, each Future Leader will receive a box of supplies – such as a red tie- that will enhance the program.

Questions about the program? Email apalladino@hemophiliaca.org
Over 18 sign up for Legislative Day or contact us for more information about our Advocacy and Access Ambassadors

Future Leaders Alumni Network

Were you a Future Leader Program participant in the past?  HCC is launching our new Future Leaders Alumni Network (FLAN) to connect former Future Leaders with each other and with HCC’s upcoming advocacy opportunities.  By joining the Future Leaders Alumni Network, you will receive invitations to activities specific to Future Leaders Alumni Network members.  If you opt in, you can also be added to a contact list that we distribute to other Future Leaders Alumni so you can keep in touch with other former Future Leaders.  Join today!

Future Leaders Sponsors

NHF State Based Advocacy Coalition is supported by Novo Nordisk (Founding Sponsor), Bayer, CSL Berhing, Genetech, The Hemophilia Alliance, Sanofi Genzyme and Takeda.