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Blood Roots

The Hemophilia Council of California’s (HCC) partnership with the CDC Region IX/HRSA Western States Regional Hemophilia Network has been an essential component of our state level patient advocacy efforts. The strength of the HCC’s position on access to established, quality, state-of-the-art treatment and care for rare bleeding disorders within the HTC network is recognized by numerous departments and policymakers in Sacramento.

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We are pleased to showcase the ‘Blood Roots’ documentary video on our website, to enhance the bleeding disorder community’s awareness and appreciation of the history behind this expert network of comprehensive health care services that have defined a higher level quality of life for decades. The value and opportunity for patients to collaborate with dedicated health care professionals throughout a lifetime is beyond measure. The HCC understands the emergence of the 340B program as an expanded source of funding for the HTC network, after initial grant funds were no longer sustainable. In addition, patient choice in sourcing their factor products within the parameters of their health care plan coverage is an inherent right and responsibility the HCC strongly supports.


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